Open Source Technology

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LoRa

Irrigation management technologies have been around for some time, but only as proprietary systems. As a result farmers are locked-in with their supplier. Usually this means high cost, recurring fees, and lock-in to older technology, as there is no incentive for the supplier to innovate. Leveraging open source software development tools, Vinduino LLC uses widely available platforms, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, that are well documented and low cost.

A Vinduino sensor station can support 4 soil moisture sensors and comes standard with an accurate digital temperature probe. The NEMA 4X enclosure ensures that the unit is weather proof, and a built in solar panel keeps it running unsupervised during the growing season.

With LoRa wireless data communication modules, a private or public network of Vinduino sensor stations can be made that rangesĀ up to 5 miles. For a private LoRa network, a private gateway can be used. LoRa uses license-free frequencies, so there is no network provider cost.

Low cost calibrated sensor

Vinduino LLCĀ developed a calibrated low-cost soil moisture sensor, based on WW II gypsum block technology. Now, more sensors can be used to provide more granular soil moisture data, while keeping it an affordable solution for growers. Vinduino technology helps farmers save water and save time with every day farming decisions.

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