Decision Support

Actionable Information

Our mission is to provide a system that provides daily crucial decision support information to growers, optimizing crop health while optimizing use of scarce resources:

  • Irrigation management: How often and how long to irrigate for most efficient water use and best crop heath
  • Temperature and temperature alerts
  • When to spray fungicides to avoid crop damage by mildew
  • Growing cycle milestone forecast, like when to plan for harvest

ET0 and Soil Moisture

By measuring the actual soil moisture at levels within and below the active root zone layers, feedback is provided, allowing to trim the settings of the predictive system:

  • If irrigation water volume according to 100% ET0 is provided, the soil moisture should remain stable at the same level over a multi-day period. If the soil moisture trend is in- or decreasing, the irrigation water volume should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Maintaining irrigation water soil moisture distribution over the whole active root zone depth. If water drains too deep, below the roots where it is wasted, irrigation cycles need to be programmed to be shorter and more frequent. If water is only available in the top layers, only a section of the roots system is supported. Longer irrigation cycling will water to drain to deeper soil levels.

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