Conserving irrigation water and improving irrigation efficiency are major concerns for growers. Many technologies exist to collect information on soil moisture, weather, and system performance meant to improve irrigation decisions. But this generates a large amount of data which needs to be integrated and analyzed.

The Central Coast based Vineyard Team organizes an education event for growers with the title "Conserving Irrigation Water" on August 3 in Soledad California.  Here you can learn how one grower is using sensors in the field and on the irrigation system in conjunction with software to turn “big data” into actionable decisions. This irrigation decision support system uses environmental sensor data, predictive algorithms, pattern detection, and advanced predictive modeling to generate irrigation “prescription.” All of this is managed through a computer, tablet, or smart phone dashboard.

You will see the devices, learn about the software, and hear how the recommendations generated by the system fit into the overall picture of this grower’s vineyard management.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Jason Melvin, Vineyard Manager, Zabala Vineyards
  • Reinier Van der Lee, Founder & CEO, Vinduino

Link for more information and registration:

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