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The new Vinduino sensor provides an accurate reading of soil water tension, an indication of how much water in the ground is available to plants. Read more

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The Vinduino R3 sensor station is a solar powered remote sensor platform. It is designed for optimizing agricultural irrigation, aimed at saving irrigation water and optimizing crop health. Read more

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The e-Vineyard and eOrchard farm management application offers full integration of Vinduino sensor data, and provides work planning and IPM models saving time, cost, and resources.  Read more



For small scale projects, the Globalsat LD-20 offers affordable LoRa communication via a USB dongle. It can wirelessly transfer data over several miles, and allows any PC or Raspberry Pi to function as a low-cost LoRa private network gateway. Read more



In partnership with our LoRa network providers, we offer ready-to-go LoRaWAN gateways to connect up to thousand sensor stations in an 5-mile radius. Read more



We are literally opening the box! For developers and makers, Vinduino offers the resources to develop new applications on top of the Vinduino sensor station platform at our store on