Vinduino developed a calibrated low-cost soil moisture sensor, a complete redesign of gypsum block technology. Now, more sensors can be used to provide more granular soil moisture data, while keeping it an affordable solution The Vinduino sensor is a resistive solid-state sensor, that responds accurately over the whole soil moisture range (0 to -300 kPa). Farmers prefer use of resistive sensors as they provide a more reliable indication of water available to plants, and are independent of the soil type.

The Vinduino field sensor station is designed to support 4 low-cost soil moisture sensors, typically 3 sensors to be installed within the plant’s root zone, and one sensor to detect soil moisture below the root zone. For grape vines, the recommended sensor installation depths are one foot, 2 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet for the drainage sensor.

Installation tips: PVC pipe can be stretched after applying hot air with a heat gun. After inserting the sensor, re-heating shrinks the pipe to tightly fit around the sensor.

Soldering the sensor wire prevents corrosion.


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