Globalsat LD-20 LoRa USB Dongle

Allows any PC or Raspberry Pi to monitor sensor data and/or function as a low-cost LoRa private network gateway.

LD-20 is low power-consuming, half-duplex dongle. It can wirelessly transmit data to long-distance. It has a built-in high speed and low power-consuming MCU and SX1276 modulation chipset. This chipset is applied with the forward error correction technique which greatly improves interference immunity and advances sensitivity. The dongle can detect errors and automatically filter out errors and false data.

Product Specification

  • Ultra-high sensitive receiving ability by LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology
  • Long-distance transmission (up to 5 miles with line-of sight)
  • Support setting various parameters like baud rate, transmission power, transmission speed, etc.
  • Instant wake up over the air
  • USB interface, could be directly connected to PC or mobile phone for development and test


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