e-Vineyard and e-Orchard farm management applications

eVineyard offers a complete set of software tools to help wineries of all sizes work smarter, save money, and improve from season to season.

Built in tight collaboration with winegrowers, eVineyard is fully adapted to workflow in the vineyard and intuitive to use during vineyard work. The data from Vinduino sensors, work records, and all other parameters are not just archived and available for the winegrower, but also connected together and processed with the help of the agronomic algorithms, to help winegrowers decide when to irrigate and when to spray in order to reduce environmental impact, save costs, and avoid issues. Involvement in European innovation projects helps  bring state-of-the-art features to both small family-operated, as well as the largest wineries, at a suitable price level.

The new eOrchard grove management application is fully customized to meet the needs of growers and offers many features, like: work planning, reporting, cost allocation, and precision irrigation based on local weather data and Vinduino soil moisture measurements. This unique approach optimizes the use of scarce resources, saving time and cost.

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