Sensor wire recommendations


What type of sensor wire is recommended?
We recommend using AWG 22 multi stranded copper wire with dual conductors (also known as fire alarm cable). Thicker wire works as well, but is not required for good performance.

What is the maximal length of sensor wire?
Although the electrical characteristics of the sensor and the interface allow for long length, there are some practical considerations for keeping the wires as short as needed. A long wire can pick up interference from local radio stations and induced voltage from lightning during thunderstorms. Although the sensor inputs on the Vinduino station have a protection circuit, nearby lightning strikes may overwhelm the circuit. This risk increases with longer wire lengths. Common sense recommendation is to install the sensors under or close as practical to the sensor station.


Value Added Partners



Enviroeye. Specializing in vineyards




Ads Corp. Specializing in coffee farms


LoRa Wireless Technology Range


Agricultural field sensors need long range, and we wanted to make sure that LoRa technology meets our requirements.  Our range tests using the FCC approved GlobalTech LoRa modules used in Vinduino show a range of at least 6 miles. We tested in Temecula wine country with one base unit (green dot at top of the map), and  other unit  connected to a GPS receiver on the roof of a car, reporting GPS coordinates and radio signal strength every 10 seconds. The data was imported in Google maps, showing the coverage. Every arrowhead represents a successful connection. See picture below.

Basically, for all the wineries located around the main winery road there is good coverage.  Based this data, we assume that the whole wine region (1300 planted acres) can be covered with a network using only 2-3 gateways. Assuming hourly transmissions per sensor station, we can support up to 300 remote stations per gateway.




Hackaday Prize 2015 "Best Product"

From nearly 900 engineering project entries world wide, Vinduino was awarded first prize in the "Best Product" category. https://goo.gl/b5GkqD






IoT Awards 2016 "Editors Choice"




Vinduino R3 sensor station

The Vinduino R3 sensor station is designed for optimizing agricultural irrigation, aimed at saving up to 25% irrigation water. This station represents the 3rd generation design of our remote sensor platform, and has gone through extensive field trials.


  • Open source microcontroller based
  • 4  soil moisture sensors included
  • Globalsat LoRa module for long range
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Solar battery charger
  • Real time clock for sleep mode power saving and precise irrigation timing
  • Load switch for custom actuators or sensors that require electric power

The Vinduino sensor station is designed for continuous unattended operation. It is powered by a small solar panel, and the battery charger maintains a Li-ion battery fully charged, to keep the system working during the night and during periods with dense cloud cover. The battery voltage can be monitored remotely to check battery health.

The station comes assembled, configured, and tested.
The Vinduino sensor station requires a compatible gateway, and is designed for LoRa LAN.

Limited time introduction price: $275.00

Globalsat LD-20H LoRa USB dongle

The FCC approved Globalsat LD-20H LoRa USB dongle allows easy access to LoRa technology. With LoRa wireless communication modules, you can transmit sensor data over multiple miles distance. Module to module communication is possible. LoRa uses license free communication bands.

Together with our example Python script, released on Github, it is easy to make a gateway that transfers Vinduino sensor data to ThingSpeak. The Python gateway program for Vinduino has been tested with Ubuntu Linux, RPI, and MacOS.

With this dongle you can easily turn any old PC or Raspberry Pi into a LoRa IoT gateway.

Antenna included, Raspberry Pi not included.

MSRP: $94.50


Please check our application partner website for eVineyard pricing


Prices do not include shipping and VAT.


Where do I find Vinduino at World AG Expo?


Meet us at AG World Expo Tulare California, February 14-16, booth 1319 & 1320.
World Ag Expo is the world's largest annual agricultural exposition. More than 1,500 exhibitors display the latest in farm equipment, communications and technology on 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. Free seminars focus on a variety of topics important to dairy producers, farmers, ranchers and agribusiness professionals.