a few words about us

Vinduino, open technology for sustainable farming

We are winegrowers, our solutions are designed with farming requirements in mind. The idea for Vinduino came as we needed reliable soil moisture data for our irrigation decisions during a multi-year  drought at our vineyard in Temecula, Southern California.
By monitoring soil moisture and managing irrigation schedule and time, we achieved 25% saving on our water use.

Vinduino uses open source hardware, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi,  to make our solutions affordable and scalable. We developed a low-cost soil moisture sensor, and  long-range wireless technology to view the sensor information  on-line.
Because of this, more sensors can be used to provide a more detailed soil moisture profile. 

Mission, vision & values


Water saving solutions for agriculture

We provide innovative open technology for sustainable agriculture.



Climate change requires new farming practices

Traditional farming practices -the way it was done before- are no longer sufficient for meeting the new challenges of climate change. Our technologies provide accurate live information needed for adapting crop management to changing conditions. With this information, a farmer can use resources more efficiently, save time, and optimize yield.


Open source

We support farmers and our value-added business partners worldwide with open technology and consultancy to grow agricultural crops sustainably. By using available open source platforms, we enable customers and partners worldwide to add value, while ensuring affordable access to our technology.